Boss LS-3655

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Laser Parameters

If you want to set up the Boss LS-3655 in LightBurn or another program, here are the settings you need:

  • Type: Ruida
  • Connection: USB (Best to use this setting but transfer the file to computer already connect to Boss, rather than moving USB)
  • 1400mm x 900mm
  • Home is rear-right position
  • 100W (don't think this is a configuration option, just good to know for selecting power settings per Recommended Settings)


  • Lightburn - Makerspace members receive a significant discount on a license for their own computer, where they can prepare Lightburn files at their convenience. These files can later be uploaded to the laser's computer at the makerspace. Inquire on our Slack channel for more details.

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Materials Links


  • Ocooch Hardwoods - Suppliers of thin wood and plywood for scroll sawing, carving, intarsia, wood turning, laser cutting and engraving, thick veneers and much more.
  • WoodCraft



  • XTool - Acrylic, fancy plywood
  • Inventables - Acrylic, circuit board blanks, corian, machinable wax and foam, metal, plastic, stamping, wood & mdf
  • RowMark - Lots of different specialty materials including wood and acrylic for lasers
  • Smoke Hill Designs - Wood and acrylic for lasers
  • Modfy - Wood and acrylic for lasers, lots of different patterns and colors



Box Generators - Gear generator