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Makerspace Equipment

3D Printers

Woodworking Equipment

Laser Cutting/Engraving Equipment

Cutting Machines

Metalworking Equipment

Shop Tools

Electronic Equipment

  • Rigol 1054Z digital oscilloscope
  • Tektronix 2213A analog oscilloscope
  • Tektronix 2225 analog oscilloscope
  • Fluke PM2813 programmable power supply
  • GW Instek GRG-450B RF signal generator
  • GW Instek GDM-8135 digital multimeter
  • GW Instek GDM-8251A digital multimeter
  • Hakko FX888D soldering iron
  • Sparkfun 937b soldering iron
  • ZD-915 desoldering station

Crafting Equipment

  • Hot glue gun
  • Mat cutter, Logan Graphics model 450
  • Hot wire pen for cutting foam

Office Equipment

  • Laser printer, HP LaserJet P1006
  • Brother label maker
  • Dymo label maker
  • Laminator


3D Printing/3D Modeling


Raspberry Pi

Arduino and other Microcontrollers

Home Automation

Parts Inventory


Web Development - HTML/CSS/JS



Retro Gaming



Annapolis Makerspace Links/Resources

Annapolis Makerspace 2022 Board of Directors

President: RUSS MILLER

Vice President: TREVOR GRYFFYN


Treasurer: AARON ROUHI

Member-at-Large: DIEGO ESCOBOSA

Makerspace Documents


Makerspace in the Media

Other Makerspaces

Until we have a formal "library" multi-space inventory system, it may be useful to list other spaces in the area and what special equipment they might have


3D Printing: 8 Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printers 4 Prusa Mk2 3D printers 8 Creality Ender 3pro’s 2 Creality CR-10v.2’s

Digital Fabrication: 1 60-watt Boss Laser cutters: bed size 35″ x 23″ 1 70-watt Boss Laser cutter: bed size 35″ x 23″ 2 100-watt Boss Laser cutters: bed size 54″ x 35″in 2 ShopBot PRS Alpha CNC routers: bed size 48″ x 96″ in 1 Laguna SmartShop CNC router: bed size 48″ x 96″ (Vacuum Bed)

Metal Shop: 19” vertical band saw 5” horizontal band saw Bar bender Bench grinder Bench polisher Metal lathe Jet 17″ drill press 40” English wheel 4 Lincoln MIG welders 1 Miller Synchrowave TIG welder 4’x4’ Torchmate CNC plasma cutter Oxy/acetylene torch 52” shear 50” slip roller 16 ga. Capacity Centralized compressed air

Textiles: 8 Juki industrial lockstitch machines 1 Juki serger 2 Juki walking-foot machines 1 Juki Coverstitch Industrial iron Melco 14-color CNC Embroidery machine Upholstery staple gun 2 cutting tables Assorted adjustable dress forms

Digital Media (print shop): 36”-wide full-color Epson roll plotter 24″-wide full-color Epson roll plotter 2 18”-wide Epson photo printers 2 Epson scanners, 8.5×11 bed and 11×17 bed Scanner Lightbox Light table Desktop laminating machine 6 Mac workstations with Adobe Creative Suite Vinyl cutter Button Maker

Open Works also has a full Wood Shop, Electronics Lab, and Computer Lab

Click Here for a complete updated list of Open Works equipment


Cooperative Tool Lending Library

'Repair Cafe' Workshops


Collaborative workspace

Misc power tools and electronics

Mediawiki Guides

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Getting started